Waxing for

the 1st time or just not sure

on things?

Do I need to trim my hair 1st?

If your hair is long enough to swing from, then yes, but I need enough hair for the wax to grip, so too short is not good. Generally it is suggested to have approx. 1/4 - 1/2 inch length, if you are in any doubt, its better to be too long than too short.

Hair that has been shaved a lot and has stubbly growth will be more difficult and hurt more.

So, in between waxing; do not shave.

Be patient, and your hair cycle through regular waxing will give you a better longer lasting finish.

Will I get ingrown hairs or spots?

How you prepare and then look after your skin after treatment is very important to help minimise this.

Please follow the advice given.

Will it hurt?

YES, but not as much as you think, anything you have seen on TV or maybe heard, will likely be over exaggerated.

There are many factors that determine the 'pain'.

Everyone has their own levels of pain tolerance, skin sensitivity, types of wax used and where, and the therapists technique.

The waxes that I use are very high quality and the leading brand specialists.

How long does it last?

Well, everyone is different, but generally you will have about 2 weeks of smoothness, maybe more.

This can differ depending on if you have been shaving or using hair removal cream prior to waxing.

With regular waxing and maintenance, the hair cycle changes, and it will be easier.

Leaving you smooth as a baby's bum for longer periods.

What should I do before I come for my appointment?

Please arrive clean and fresh.

Some clients with sensitive/reactive skin find it helpful to take ibuprofen and anti-histamine tablets an hour before arrival and for a few days afterwards to help the skin settle.

Please check you are able to take any medication with your Dr or pharmacist.