Before any treatment can

commence, you will be required

to declare all medical issues

that may restrict or prevent

a treatment.

I offer Intimate, back & chest areas only

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I use only the best male waxing products for my clients -

Cirepril from Perron Rigot, and Outback Organics.

I now use a hypoallergenic vegan friendly wax from Outback Organics for all intimate and delicate areas.

It contains a mix of 3 indigenous Australian plums - Kakadu, Illawarra, & Burdekin.

It has a lower temperature, easier to apply and helps to remove those stubborn little hairs whilst maximising your skin comfort. And it smells lovely.


Strip waxing is the other method I use for larger areas such as the back, bum cheeks etc.

One of my favourites for this is Cristal ocean:



  • Transparent blue-colored wax

  • Ultra-fluid texture

  • Gentle and efficient removal

  • Application in extremely thin layers

  • Rosin and fragrance-free, non allergenic



Especially suited for the most sensitive skin types  





Intimate areas


(CHEEKY 1): Crack only: 10

(CHEEKY 2): Bum cheeks: 15

(CHEEKY 3): Bum cheeks & crack: 25

(CHEEKY 4): Bum cheeks, crack, penis & scrotum: 50

(CHEEKY 5): Bum cheeks, crack & back: 50

(CHEEKY 6): Bum cheeks, crack, penis, scrotum, back, shoulder: 70       

(MOBY 1):    Penis & scrotum: 25

(MOBY 2):    Penis, scrotum & crack (no bum cheeks): 35

I require a £5.00 deposit to secure an appointment, which will be deducted from your treatment cost.

If you fail to show up, this is non refundable.

(For a clients comfort, I need to heat and prepare the room. A no show costs me time & money,

please respect that).


Steve Marsden waxing and massage for men
Waxing by Steve Marsden in Benidorm for men

Upper body


(U1): Back & shoulders: 30

(U2): Chest: 20

(U3): Chest & stomach:  30 

(U4): Underarms: 10

(U5): Nose:  10

(U6): Ears: 10

(U7): Nose & ears: 15



Chest waxing for men in Benidorm by Steve Marsden Pride Massage
Male waxing Benidorm