Before any treatment can

commence, you will be required

to declare all medical issues

that may restrict or prevent

a treatment.

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Aftercare advice

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Covid 19 Procedures

  1. All clients to please wear a protective mask prior to entering the property, and for the duration of your treatment.

2. Footwear is to be removed at the door

3. Please use the sanitiser provided at the door prior to treatment

4. If you prefer not to pay with cash, please mention when you make an appointment and you can pay via Paypal or Revolut.

I also will be doing the same, this protects us both.

As always I use the product Barbicide which is Germicide, Pseudomonacide, Fungicide and Virucide to ensure any virus etc. on surfaces is killed.











I use only the best male waxing products for my clients -

Cirepril from Perron Rigot, and Outback Organics.

I now use a hypoallergenic vegan friendly wax from Outback Organics for all intimate and delicate areas.

It contains a mix of 3 indigenous Australian plums - Kakadu, Illawarra, & Burdekin.

It has a lower temperature, easier to apply and helps to remove those stubborn little hairs whilst maximising your skin comfort. And it smells lovely.


Strip waxing is the other method I use for larger areas such as the back, bum cheeks etc.

One of my favourites for this is Cristal ocean:



  • Transparent blue-colored wax

  • Ultra-fluid texture

  • Gentle and efficient removal

  • Application in extremely thin layers

  • Rosin and fragrance-free, non allergenic



Especially suited for the most sensitive skin types  





Intimate areas


(CHEEKY 1): Crack only: 10

(CHEEKY 2): Bum cheeks: 15

(CHEEKY 3): Bum cheeks & crack: 20

(CHEEKY 4): Bum cheeks, crack, penis & scrotum: 45

(CHEEKY 5): Bum cheeks, crack & back: 45


(CHEEKY 6): Bum cheeks, crack, penis, scrotum, back, shoulder, neck: 65

(CHEEKY 7): Bum cheeks, crack, full legs, feet, toes: 80       

(CHEEKY 8): Bum cheeks, crack, scrotum, penis, full legs, feet, toes: 100

(MOBY 1):    Penis & scrotum: 25

(MOBY 2):    Penis, scrotum & crack (no bum cheeks): 35


Steve Marsden waxing and massage for men
Waxing by Steve Marsden in Benidorm for men

Upper body


(U1): Back & shoulders: 25

(U2): Back, neck, shoulders & upper arms: 45

(U3): Back, neck, shoulders, full arms, hands, fingers: 55

(U4): Chest: 20

(U5): Chest & stomach: 25

(U6): Upper arms: 20

(U7): Lower arms, hands & fingers: 20

(U8): Full arms, hands & fingers: 35

(U9): Full arms, hands, fingers & underarms: 40

(U10): Underarms: 10

(U11): Hands & fingers: 10


(U12): Nose:  10

(U13): Ears: 10

(U14): Nose & ears: 15



Chest waxing for men in Benidorm by Steve Marsden Pride Massage
Male waxing Benidorm

Lower body


(L1): Upper legs (no bum cheeks): 35

(L2): Lower legs, feet & toes: 35

(L3): Feet & toes: 10

(L4): Full legs up to speedo line with feet & toes, (no bum cheeks): 65


If you require bum cheeks etc included, please see intimate price list 

Waxing smooth legs for men in Hove