I live on Avenida De Paris in the Rincon De Loix area and the massage is done in my home, with amazing views over Benidorm.


Please consider that if I do not answer your call or message immediately, I am likely to be with another client, I will contact you as soon as I can.

I am easy to find on the map below, but I can send a location map on whatsapp if you are unsure.


If you are coming from the Old town area, it is about a 35 minute walk from Dove park, or there are numerous buses you can hop on for only 1.55€

The number 10 to Altea for example and get off near the Melia Hotel.


Or the number 11 to Aqualandia, and get off after the bus has gone up the road where KFC is and gone round the roundabout at the top of Calle Londres, press the button, the 3 big buildings on the left are Playmon Parks A B C. (If you are walking up this road, it is the one with KFC on the corner, so you walk up there, past Yorkshire Pride, keep going then you will see Unide Supermarket).

From this way you will see PLAYMON PARK directly in front of you.

The main door from this approach is a short walk around the building, as there is no intercom at the garden gate entrance.

So, left at the supermarket, then 1st right)

I am the 2nd building (B) on the right up the hill.


If you are approaching from the main road, just before you get to the Melia hotel, directly opposite my road is a pub called the Tavern, and on the corner of my road is Round Town travel.

Go straight up the road, keep going until you see the 3 biggest buildings at the top of Avenida De Paris - these are the Playmon Park buildings.

I am the 2nd one which is B.





If you prefer, you can fill in the form below to contact me, and I will reply as soon as I can.

 GDPR: Your private data


The new law that came into force is mainly to protect you from the companies that would sell your private details like email address and phone numbers etc to other companies for marketing purposes, which does not apply to why I have those details of you on my contact list.

Supplying your email or phone number to me has, and will continue, only to be used to send you special offers or news, to those who have subscribed to my mailing list, or for arranging appointments, if that is  your preferred way of communication.


The same as when you come to me for an appointment; I operate a strict code of personal & professional conduct, and your private information is NEVER divulged by me to anyone else.

If you wish to be removed from any future contact - Please let me know and I will delete your email address from the list.

Your privacy, just like your wellbeing, is always safe in my hands.

Need a place to

stay in



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H2O Sauna

(Men only)


Calle de Tomás Ortuño, 46


Open 3pm - 9pm Daily

Therapies NOT available

at the sauna

ENTRY: 12€

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