Massaging for the 1st time or just not sure on anything?

I am always happy to hear what you have to say.

I am here to help you, so feel free to ask about therapies

 or anything else in your life that I may be able to offer guidance with

Is it confidential?
It is important to tell me if you have any medical conditions that may cause issues with any therapy. E.g epilepsy, blood pressure, diabetes, skin issues.
There is no need to worry, all your details are confidential to me.
Please discuss what areas you wish to improve so I can help you as much as I can
Will it hurt?
​In a massage, If you have areas that are aching, then the area may be tender, especially if I am working on your pressure points.
 It is natural to ache a little for a few days in any area I have gotten deep into

How often do I need to come back?
It is entirely up to you on
how often
you want to feel relaxed,
how severe any
particular issue is,
and what your budget is.
But most clients prefer
to maintain a healthy
positive balance
for their body & soul.
Prevention is easier
than cure.

If you want anything changed:

pressure, areas worked, position, or if you are too hot or cold

speak up!

As with anything in life, if you want anything different,

it will not change unless you say so!

 I want this to be the best experience for you to relax and enjoy


Can I talk during my massage?
If you have something you need to chat
about that you want a neutral ear for,
then go ahead.
But usually it is best to just relax
and melt away whilst your
therapy is being carried out

What if I get turned on?​

Sometimes it happens.
There's no need to be embarassed.
it is your bodies natural reaction, usually due to your parasympathetic nervous system and circulation being stimulated.
Just relax and forget its there!

Will I be totally naked? 

The majority of therapists will insist on you being covered by a towel. 
I am not strict on that, there is nothing
to be embarassed about,
and techniques used are easier
without the obstruction
but if you feel more comfortable
with towels over you,
then I will cover the areas
that are not being worked on