Body massage is not just

a physical benefit.

Being able to think positive

helps in feeling positive.

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Positive thoughts manifest into positive reality. (so do negatives)

Be mindful of your thoughts



As Thomas Edison said

'I have not failed,

but I have

found 10,000 ways

that don't work'.

So never

give up

Our thoughts

are like seeds.

Plant them,

nurture them,

because when you

think it


feel it,


become it

The stiffest tree will crack in the wind,


the one that is willing to bend,

will survive

Doing the things you

have never done,

awakens the talents you never knew you had

You never fail,

you just find ways that

do not

work, so you can improve even more

Take pride

in who you are,

and what you





Negative feelings, like anger and jealousy are

like drinking poison from a cup and expecting the other person to die. 

The chemicals your body releases from these emotions are literally poisoning yourself