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A massage stimulates your


it helps to bring out the toxins

in your body, so please

drink plenty of water

to assist your body

to flush them out

and keep hydrated.

Avoid putting too many toxins 

back into your body

within 24 hours

e.g. smoking, alcohol

Please read my water blog

Only you decide on

how to perceive

anything in this world.

Anything else is an

outside influence that

you choose to interpret.

You control your own reality

Plant the seeds of positive

things you want and

just like nature,

they will grow

if you nourish them

If everyone on this planet

only thought

positive & peaceful thoughts

then this is how the planet would be.

Like attracts like.

What you see,

is what you get.

It is the law of attraction;

of the universe

Believe what you

want to believe


Massage can also release


tension not just physical,

this is because all pain

whether physical

or emotional,

current or past

is stored in the body.


the body & soul

is all 1 unit

Steve Marsden

Pride & Respect



body & soul

Do not fear your emotional release,

everything you have encountered

has been an experience for a reason.

Learn to accept and evolve.

Do not doubt your

values & abilities.

Your sub and deep conciousness will give you what you need, listen to that inner voice

You need to love, accept and trust yourself to be strong enough to love anyone or anything else

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