A massage helps us to feel good physically & emotionally aiding relaxation and the calming of our body & soul. Enabling us to work more efficiently, as it stimulates every part of our being. When we feel good in ourselves, it shines through and spreads that positivity to those around us, nourishing existence in society as a whole

A massage releases physical & emotional tension, but also helps the lymphatic system to push out the excess toxins that we accumulate on a daily basis through food, drink and the air we breathe. Bacteria and infections are constantly attacking us, we need a healthy immune system to combat them

The more work we create for our bodies to cope with, the harder it is for our circulation, our lymphatic system, our liver, kidneys, nervous systems.

Massage stimulation affects and helps all of these areas and more

Remember that YOU control

your mind, what you eat

and drink, when and where, and how.

Never allow anyone to criticise who you are, only you know who you are, and how you want to feel. Which I am sure is to look and feel healthy in body & soul

Combining massage with

Aromatherapy oils

enhances the benefits for e.g. pressure/stress relief, anxiety,

insomnia, depression, muscular aches,

dry skin, boosting of circulation & immune system,

clarity of the mind


positive thinking

A healthier body & soul means our internal organs have less work to do, so we can focus more on our untapped potential when our bodies are functioning normally, without having to filter all the junk we ingest, and our minds are clearer, our ability to visualise, to create and be more proactive becomes easier, allowing our positive energy to flow freely

Your body requires exercise & nutrition too, the correct balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fibre, fats, aminos, vitamins are all important in the function of your mind, not just your body.

Certain foods and alcohol take longer to burn off calorific content than others. 

Junk food has very little nutrient value and you end up wasting your valuable energy digesting it and getting nothing in return