Click on each oil to learn more about their benefits*

These are some of my current favourite oils,

if there are particular oils you like, let me know when you come, and I can purchase for your next treatment


Artichoke   I hate the actual food, but its oil benefits I use to help the skin

Citronella   Good for the mind, although it does have a pungent smell, insects are not keen on it, especially mozzies, I always add to my sun cream

Eucalyptus  Great antiseptic, i always put in my burner if a cold is coming on


Grapefruit   I like it in moisturiser or in shampoo, in a burner, nice clear refreshing smell

Lime   I use this daily in my moisturiser to give me a zest for the day ahead

Lavender   I use for helping me relax, either a drop on my pillow, or oil burner, and also in moisturiser, many many uses

Lemon I like using this in massage, but also in cleaning the home, great for removing sticky marks too when used neat.

Peppermint   I find this helps my aching feet, good to help concentration in an oil burner, a great ant repellant, use in a spray bottle, like any oil to refresh your room or clothes 

Red mandarin   For relaxation, meditation

Tea Tree   Not an oil i use in massage, as it is too pungent, mostly use on insect bites, grazes, and in cleaning the home

White Camphor   I use this on clients with aches and strains to help the muscles, great in use with peppermint, very refreshing

*Please note: these are companies not associated with me,

they are just a guide to help you