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Please read carefully, some conditions prevent waxing.

 Feel free to print out, fill in and bring to your consultation to save you time. 







The following information is required for your health and safety


Date of birth:


Email:                                                                     Phone:


Drs name:                                                                               (You are not obliged to provide any information you do not wish to)

Drs address:


It is vital that you inform me of any medical issues, as certain conditions mean you cannot be waxed. If I do not know, I cannot safely advise you.

Please tick next to any of the following issues if you have them:


Medications/under care of a Dr

Skin disorders

Sunburn or heat allergies

Use of steroid creams or medication that thins the skin

Use of vitamin A skin care, glycolic acid or other AHA/BHA products

Use of roaccutane or acne treatments

Recent dermabrasion or laser treatment

Sensitive skin

Nerve damage

Allergies to nuts, essential oils, lanolin, sticking plasters etc.

Oedema or other swellings in treatment areas


Other areas of tenderness to be avoided

Recent injuries

Recent scar tissue, cuts, bruises to treatment areas

Easily bruised, sensitive or highly reactive skin

Epilepsy, fits or fainting attacks

Circulation issues

Heart conditions

Varicose veins


Low blood pressure

High blood pressure

Joint mobility issues



I confirm that the information given above is correct and complete, and give consent to the therapy I am receiving. I have read and understood the pre care and after care advice and the possible temporary reactions that may occur with a waxing treatment, such as blood spotting, sensitivity, skin removal, and the possible reactions with a massage, for example. I will follow the advice given by my therapist, and if any major issues occur, to seek medical advice.

These details will be kept confidential under the data protection act.


Signed client:


Signed therapist:



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