60 minutes £30 

90 minutes £55

A 60-90 minute massage covers back, neck, shoulders, buttocks, legs, arms, head & face.

If you prefer all the time focusing on 1 area or you have areas that you do not like being touched, please advise me.

Most people hate their feet being touched

My style of massage

is tactile & soulful, 

using pressure where needed,

which you will find

relaxing & peaceful.

I go with the flow of

your body and put

my passion and energy

into re-energising

your power within

Covid 19 Procedures

  1. All clients to please wear a protective mask prior to entering the property, and for the duration of your treatment.

2. Footwear is to be removed at the door

3. Please use the sanitiser at the door for your hands prior to treatment

4. If you prefer not to

pay with cash, please mention when you make an appointment and you can pay via Paypal or Revolut.

I also will be doing the same, this protects us both.

As always I use the product Barbicide which is Germicide, Pseudomonacide, Fungicide and Virucide to ensure any virus etc. on surfaces is killed.



Other options available.

Please message me if you have specific requirements


I only use the finest products on my clients. My carrier oils are  Organic and not tested on animals.

These cost me more, but you are worth more.

Click below

for more info:


Massage benefits

Massage aftercare

Massage history

Essential oils

As a qualified


I use essential oils,

which have many

properties to assist

with physical and

emotional strain, 

enhancing your relaxation

and lifting your soul.

If you do not want these,

please inform me

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