I do not charge extra

for using essential oils,

so prices are the

same as in massage

Essential oils

I use therapeutic oils which have an ISO certificate and are not tested on animals.

Oils must be of this quality which contain the natural chemical constituents, to have any beneficial effect on you.

Not to be confused with the cheap bottles on the high street

Carrier oils

are used as a base for the essential oils I mix into it. The most common one used is sweet almond for its high vitamin E content to help nourish the skin

The chemical reactions within your

body & mind are what can help you with

sleep issues and emotional issues.​

For example; lavender triggers the release

of seratonin, which when dark, converts to

melatonin in the pineal gland.

These chemicals are sleep inducing,

and release

feel good hormones,

amongst many other uses.


So you are capable of helping

your body produce its own natural

stress and pain relief.

Treat your body & soul with respect, it is where your soul lives, so try to heal yourself in a natural pure way

You may think it is just your olfactory senses (your nose) that aromatherapy is concerned with. But, in fact, you actually 'feel' them.

The vapours stimulate the olfactory nerves which then signal your limbic system (control centre in your brain)

Through this the amygdala (control centre for emotions) and your hippocampus (control centre for memory, learning and emotions) are all stimulated.

This is why a certain smell will trigger a memory, good or bad from within your sub or deep conciousness.

The perfume industry use it to their advantage with sexy provocative ads  to enhance your passion and need to buy their product to make you smell attractive!

Essential oils can enhance

your massage therapy experience


A combination of oils creates a synergy which increases the effect

Prescription drugs for mild depression for example will only sedate you, and not help you in the long run. No one wants to be dependant on drugs, legal or illegal.


It is sometimes better to approach your inner issues in an holistic natural manner, than with synthetic man made drugs which can have more side effects than your initial issue.


Obviously holistic therapy cannot work miracles, but there are many instances where the use of therapy is kinder to your body & soul.

Oils have a small molecular structure

and when applied through massage

will penetrate your skins layers

and travel through your body

 via the oxygen and flow of your blood,

assisting your lymphatic system

along the way and stimulating

all the senses within to help

release your bodies natural chemicals

of for e.g

seratonin and endorphins

General safety information

It is advised not to use essential oils without proper aromatherapy training.

Never take them internally or use undiluted on the skin without the advice of a qualified therapist.

If you have any medical issues then oils should be used with care, especially those with epilepsy, pregnant, liver damage, cancer.

Any concerns or doubts should be discussed with your Medical Doctor prior to treatment.


It is not advisable to discontinue any prescribed medicines without consulting your GP